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Andrew Vozniy


What is are mission?

Our mission is for all our customers get a feel for Soap Lake with out having to travel far. All of our soap and creams have Soap Lake water in them. A little story about this amazing water, Soap Lake's mineral-rich waters have long been thought to have medicinal value. In fact, it is said that rival Indian tribes would call a truce when they came to Soap Lake to relax and heal themselves and their animals. This is verified by recorded history and the number of Indian artifacts found in the area over the years. Washington State tourist guides in the 1920s referred to Soap Lake as the "world's greatest mineral sea" and said that bathing in the lake cured their illness. The city of Soap Lake bills itself as "Washington's Health Resort". There are 23 different minerals in Soap Lake water. However, compared to the ocean and other known naturally occurring mineral resources in the world, Soap Lake still has the highest diverse mineral content of any body of water on the planet. Soap Lake water also contains ichthyols, an oil-like substance sold over the counter in Europe to treat infections and abrasions. The ichthyol in Soap Lake water most likely come from decomposition of tiny brine-like red shrimp that flourish in the water from late spring to mid-summer. Like the Dead Sea, the high mineral content of the lake makes the water very buoyant. We are so blessed to be able to bring these products out so that everyone can get a feel. We want the whole world to know about our amazing lake.


“Healing waters”

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